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In Sanskrit, Mandala means circle. The circle symbolising the womb of creation -round, total, complete. 
The word is derived from the root Manda, meaning essence, energy or spirit. To this the suffix la has been added -meaning container or vessel. Manda-la becomes thus the container of essence. The center of a mandala symbolises usually the essence -the 'seed', 'sperm', the salient starting point- which the circumference is visualised as grasping.
In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of seekers, and may act as a bridge between the different dimensions or realms.
The approach followed here is freer and more personal. 



combinations: The ouroboros snake, which is encompassing each of the Mandalas, represents the snake that is meandering around itself and removes its old skin by biting its tail. It is an ancient symbol of renewal, rebirth and eternity.

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