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Selected Exhibition Images

"Eternal Womb" by DIPOLA group @ Digenakis Winery Gallery, Crete, August 2022

299443231_1023495575002979_2733310435543802197_n (2).jpg
Eternal Womb

Athens Wine & Art Festival, @ the exhibition space of the Athens School of Fine Arts, September 2019 

Rythm & Color I

"Rhythm & Colour I" two-person exhibition @ Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros, July 2018

Paulien Lethen - Zenia Dimitrakopoulou 

parallel "Rhythm & Colour I" group exhibition

Rythm & Color II

"Rhythm & Colour II" group exhibition @ Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros, August 2018

THROUGH ART -RESIST AND RECOVER @ KYO Gallery, Alexandria, Washington, May - September 2018