Selected Exhibition Images

"Eternal Womb" by DIPOLA group @ Digenakis Winery Gallery, Crete, August 2022

299443231_1023495575002979_2733310435543802197_n (2).jpg

Athens Wine & Art Festival, @ the exhibition space of the Athens School of Fine Arts, September 2019 


"Rhythm & Colour I" two-person exhibition @ Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros, July 2018

Paulien Lethen - Zenia Dimitrakopoulou 

parallel "Rhythm & Colour I" group exhibition


"Rhythm & Colour II" group exhibition @ Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros, August 2018

THROUGH ART -RESIST AND RECOVER @ KYO Gallery, Alexandria, Washington, May - September 2018


Art & Jazz @ Holland Tunnel Gallery Paros:, July-August 2017

Zenia Dimitrakopoulou @ Colorida Art, Lisbon, Portugal, May-June 2016

"The artworks of Zenia Dimitrakopoulou activate our ability to see and to interpret. Her paintings, based on a purely lyrical sense, reveal an unusual sensibility. The softness of the color schemes and the way she uses them, show us important traits of her personality and her interest in expressing her emotions."

José Roberto Moreira, galerist and curator (Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal)


“The last year I have been living by the sea, which has been an endless source of inspiration for me. The profound and ever-changing images that surround me every day are filtered through my personal approach, in an almost abstractive manner. I want to convey what is grasped on a deeper level, through my inner senses. Aiming for clarity, I minimise the elements used, focusing on composition, light, colour, forms and the rhythmical patterns that are created.”

Zenia Dimitrakopoulou